Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's that time again, Spring Giveaway!

Bonjour my friends!
I have decided to do an original painting giveaway! Here is the trick...you tell ME what YOU want! What would you like to have hanging in your home? Winners will be announced after I receive 30 entries!
Entry Instructions:
Leave a comment under this entry with the following information;
  • State 3 things you love. (Example: I love Amsterdam, kittens and bows)
  • State 3 colors you love. (Example: I love Mint, Peach and Lavender)
  • State your style in 3 words. (Example: I am feminine, simple and other-worldly)
Leave your email address in your comment!

Good Luck to all! The 3 winners will receive an original, customized 7x10" Watercolor Painting!



Kelly at I Dream of Decor said...

what a fun/amazing giveaway! okay here are my answers
State 3 things you love. (flowers, chocolate, french furniture)
State 3 colors you love. (Turquoise, purple, white)
(State your style. ( girly yet comfortable & little funky)

jenscloset said...

I love my family, fashion, and flowers. My 3 fav colors are pink, green, and violet. My style is fun, classic, a bit ecclectic!

Heather Rae said...

This is such a fun idea!

I love music, family, and sunshine.
I love mauve, taupe, and black.
My style is always changing, but right now I am leaning more toward vintage chic with lots of lace.

By the way, I'm having a giveaway on my Creations blog, and you're welcome to enter it if you'd like :)

va said...

State 3 things you love. tea , world cuisine , and travel
3 colors i love are pink , blues , and bright colors too like neon pink or green ..
style in 3 words . feminine , colorful , and different
tumblemumbo at gmail dot com

miha.ela said...

State 3 things you love: cats, dresses, wine.
State 3 colors you love: red, cobalt violet deep, chocolate.
State your style in 3 words: vintage chic, colorful, classic.

GFC: miha.ela
mihaela.mihordea(@) gmail(.) com

Beth Carrillo said...

Hi,I'm glad I found you on Etsy! Three things that I love are my son, mermaids and the ocean. Three colors that I love are Turquoise, Lavender and White. My style is romantic, eccentric and artsy.

SweetChics Home Decor said...

I love (babies, retro pin up girls, my son!

I love the colors (gray, olive green, and navy)

My style is (nautical, patriotic, girl next door. I love t-shirts and jeans, but adore getting dressed up. I also can be found in Wisconsin Badgers apparel)

Elizabette said...

I love dogs, books, and rock music.
I love green,black and pink.
Style is really hard because it changes with however I feel on any particular day.
I like old fashioned/antique but also modern classic which makes me all around eclectic. I pretty much appreciate any style in decor or fashion as long as it's done well.
Hope that makes sense!

sweepbethtoons said...

I love my fiance, cuddling with my kitties, and sleeping in.

I love teal, turquoise and citrusy orange.

I am complicated, comfortable, and classic.

sweepbethtoons at gmail dot com

Sharon said...

Things I love - Ireland, the ocean, my kitties.

Colors I love - green, cream, chocolate brown.

My style is - minimalist, classic, 1940's-ish retro.

Ashley said...

Things I love - My dog, ice cream and my husband (not necessarily in that order)

My favorite colors are green, brown and gold.

My style is a bit harder to pin down: earthy, fun but most of all, comfortable (both in clothing and my home!)

Thanks! ashley.w.burns(at)gmail.com

The Riebeek Family said...

State 3 things you love: Brandon, Breelyn and Bradley.

State 3 colors you love: Coral, Navy and Grey.

State your style in 3 words.
Simple, clean, elegant.

Kady said...

3 things I love: flowers, antiques, quotes from famous people

3 colors: jade, columbia blue, burgundy

style in 3 words: cute, eclectic, colorful

katietamblingson at yahoo dot com

Lubna said...

Bonjour. This is a lovely idea to ask people to share what they love.
3 things I love: Happy puppies, playful kittens, the sea breeze
3 colors I love: Purple, Orange, White
My style: Humorous, interesting, reliable
Have a nice weekend.

tania said...

I love bunnies,chocolate, and books
I love mint,blue, and lilac
I am hyper, loving, and fun

killing birds is not art said...
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doroffee said...

This is such a nice giveaway! :)

3 things I love: theatre, owls, cameas
3 colors I love: a bit muted coral, light steel green, vanilla
My style in 3 words: daydreaming, sophisticated, eclectic


Jel said...

fab giveaway! count me in :)

State 3 things you love:
* food
* family and friends/loved ones
* internet and technology

State 3 colors you love:
* purple
* green
* pink

State your style in 3 words:
* cool
* chic
* comfortable

punkme15 at gmail dot com

tiffany said...
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tiffany said...

I love coffee, Hello Kitty and live music.
I love lavender, turquoise and neon pink.
My style is relaxed, unique and classic.


Ashley @ Bride on a Budget said...

Such a fun giveaway!

I love cruising, the ocean, and traveling

I love blue, green, and orange.

My style is classic, a little bit contemporary, and fun.

navybaby1113 (at) gmail (dot) com

sandyandcosmo said...

I love travel, music, and dogs.
I love any shade of green, cobalt blue, and ivory.
My style is eclectic, whimsical, and fun!


Anonymous said...

I love my family (husband and daughter), books, and my home state of Georgia.
Colors, red, purple, and blue
Style, comfortable, simple, and classic


bcbeaveratheart said...

Blue, black pink
Flowers, meadows, trees
Extrovert, smiley, county

Angelica said...

I love reading, writing, and fashion
My favorite colors are red, purple, and turquoise.
My style is different, simple, and fun!


Angel said...

What a fun giveaway!
I love books, pugs, and the food.
I am casual, eclectic, and simple.
I love green, purple, and blue.

elaine r said...

I love my family, my 2 dogs and springtime flowers. I like the colors green,blue and red. My style is casual and classic.

Elaine R

Nyra said...

Fun fun FUN!

I love lots of hats, vintage dresses and BOWS! (And Audrey Hepburn. ;)
Colours: Pink, purple, white
My style: Feminine, classy and vintage chic


Christina said...

I love flowers,art,fairies
I love mint,lilac,red
Style something between romantic,rock and unique! :)

ne-knopka said...

Amazing giveaway!
3 things-flowers, Paris, sea
3 colors - Peach,Lavender, Blue)

anna_k67 at yahoo dot com

kolpin said...

buddhism, tulips, mountains
blue, brown, pink
classic, sophisticated, comfortable

yay, i'm #30!
kolpin4680 at gmail dot com

miss said...

I lve these =(

I love my black and white kitten snuggie, sunshine and brightness
i love red, white and green
im happy and bright an smiley!

whitefences3 (at) gmail.com

Nadilah Magee said...

I love flowers, music and painting. State 3 color you love (blue, Turquoise, and lavender), my style: classic and fun

Samantha Oh said...

I love cats,skulls(not the cutesy kind..), and being by a river.
I love emerald,dark red, and black.
My style is skater meets a thrift store with a dark edge.

Ashley said...

State 3 things you love: God, my husband, and cats

State 3 colors you love: brown, aqua, white

State your style in 3 words: classic, comfortable, evolving

the backburner studio said...

Love: family, cameras, & art supplies
Favorite colors: Yellow Ochre, Viridian Green, & Indian Red
Style: Vintage modern, Eclectic, Casual
Email: jesparoversion1.0@gmail.com

Rina said...

I love my cats, teaching French, and my husband.
I love purple, teal, and blue.
My style is comfortable, eclectic, and international.

jhitomi said...

I love my husband, my cat Chloe and chocolate cake.
Colors I love are pink, black and red!
My style is casual, feminine and modest.
Jhbalvin at gmail dot com

Amanda Ray said...

Okay here goes:

Three things I love: Justin (my b/f), family and escaping with a good book.
Three colors I love: White, Lavender, Pink
My style: comfortable, classy, feminine