Monday, January 3, 2011

Artist of the Month, Jan 2011: AppaloosaDesigns

For the month of January, I chose AppaloosaDesigns as my artist feature. Her work is nature driven and I am sure everyone can appreciate that! Here is a little interview with the Artist.

What inspires you?

I'm primarily inspired by the nature I see around me. I'm an ecology student and also work with native wildlife so I'm constantly surrounded by the beauty of nature. I chose feathers for much of my work because they are so perfect and intricate, yet simple. Same with the nests- so imperfect yet perfect. It's what makes much of nature beautiful to me. I spend a lot of time walking around with my camera waiting for that perfect shot. Lots of hours go into each photograph!

5x7 Photograph- Drift Wood

What is your technique?
Since I have lots of different types of items in my shop I'll tell you about a couple. With the photos, I take lots and lots of photos. I just love playing with them on my Adobe Lightroom program. So once I narrow down my favorites, I often spend half an hour playing with different effects on the computer so each one has just the right feel.

How is your art different from other artists?

I like to think I'm a bit different than others because of the wide variety of work I do. I wish I had more of my paintings listed to show you! I enjoy painting on old pieces of wood I find around the house. It gives my painting an organic, rustic feel.

Why do you do your art?
I do my art because it gives me an outlet. I get easily stressed out with school and ife in general and it allows me to get lost for a few hours. It has been a tremendous help in getting through this past semester. I know I'm doing it for myself, so there is no stress involved!

Sterling Silver Birds Nest Necklace with Freshwater Pearls

Why do you do this particular kind of art (or use this particular technique)?
As you can see I don't have one particular technique or kind of art. I just do whatever feels right at that moment. I like to edit my photos to give them a certain feel that can not necesarily be captured by the photo by itself. I enjoy the feathers because of their simplicity and beauty. I do the nests because it keeps me busy and I love the organic feel of the brass.

Woodland Deer Photograph 8x12

You can visit AppaloosaDesigns here!

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