Sunday, May 10, 2009

Look of the week; Morning garden

Look of the week is inspired by a gorgeous picture of parsley. I loved the colors and what the picture reminded me of. There is that early morning sky, which changes over from the dark blue from 4-6ish in the morning and when the sky gets to that 7AM sun. Its a beautiful shade of blue, the grass looks a warm green and everything feels so fresh. I chose colors to match (I have a new obsession for ripped skinny jeans by the way, especially in white) and as for the earrings, i chose them for their shape, texture and color. Enjoy!

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Elizabette said...

I think this outfit would look great on you, Jessica! I am a little past the point of getting away with ripped jeans but I love the color combo. I would definitely wear the earrings.