Friday, June 12, 2009

The Duchess

Today I watched "The Duchess" I was compelled to read more about the life of Duchess Georgiana of Devonshire. The Duke did not love her, but where she did find love, she was forbidden to return. She ended up pregnant with a girl, which belonged to the only man she ever loved. Of course, it would be an embarrassement to the Duke, so the Duchess had to give her up and was only permitted to see her child on certain occassions. In the passing time, the Duchess would write her daughter, and below the picture is one of those letters.

And yet remote from public view
A flower there is of timid hue,
Beneath a sacred shade it grows,
But sweet in native fragrance blows.
From storms secure, from tempests free,
But ah! too seldom seen by me.
For scarce permitted to behold
With longing eyes each grace unfold.
My bosom struggles with its pain
And checks the wishes form'd in vain ;
Yet when I perchance supremely blest,
I hold the floweret to my breast,
Enraptur'd watch its purple glow
And blessings (all I have) bestow.
The gentle fragrance soothes my care
And fervent is my humble prayer
That no dread evil may beset
My sweet but hidden violet.


Keith said...

I've been wanting to see this film. I have it on my Netflix queue.

♥Aubrey said...

This is a wonderful film to watch. Makes you think about how it use to be.


I haven't seen this yet, maybe I'll watch it this weekend. great blog

[Tara] said...

Such a sad, sad story! That film is on my queue -- can't wait to see it!

Oliveaux said...

I enjoyed watching this film but yes its such a sad story. Ax

Carlotta said...

amazing movie, sad but incredible

PinkBow said...

i really want to see this... what a story!