Thursday, June 11, 2009

Elegant Eating

Thanks to Jennifer Boles blog, I have learned there is a book called, "Elegant Eating: 400 years of dining in style" This book goes into detail on the history of European dining and the art of decorating a table. This lavishly illustrated book shows the changing styles of fine dining and tableware from the 16th century to today, focusing on the many decorative objects that stylish eating and drinking have inspired through the ages. I am always watching these period piece films and their tables are always so perfect and their "tools" are things you, of course, would only see in a museum today. As an Art History junkie, this book looks perfect for me to have!

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Elizabette said...

I would love that book. I like anything kitchen, table, dining room related. I also like collecting tea sets.
I should send you the link to a neat tea time/china website.