Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Jessica Playlist

I was tagged by the lovely Pink Bow to make my own personal playlist. So I imagined my own section on an iPOD that reflected my style. What would they be? Here you go!

Coldplay- The Scientist

I can listen to this song over and over again, and never get sick of it. I love Chris Martin's voice, the piano and whatever other instruments they use, and overall the way it makes me feel! As cheesy as this may sound, it makes me feel completely alive. :)

Lily Allen- The Fear

I think Lily Allen's lyrics in this song are fabulous. Enough said!

Don Henley- Boys of Summer

This song makes me think back to my childhood and my days at Grandpa Angelucci's beach house. So many amazing memories and such a great song!

The Cure- Lullaby

This song reminds me of the beginning days of my relationship with the most important person in the whole entire world to me, Jason. :)

Enya- Only Time

Enya is by far my favorite artist, her music soothes my mind.

Bob Marley- Stir it up

Bob Marley takes you to another world, one that is pure sunshine, beauty, peace, freedom and love. That's what life should be!

Chris Isaak- Wicked Games

Sexiest video ever, so of course it's the sexiest song too!

Yelle- Ce Jeu

Yelle is one of my favorite artists, and of course she is French! Her music reminds me of that beautiful week I spent in Paris

Edith Piaf- La Vie en Rose

My outlook on life is this phrase. This song is the first I heard it, of course...and I couldnt think of a better way to say how I feel about life. La vie en rose!