Monday, March 9, 2009

Amsterdam Day 1

Amsterdam so far is pretty amazing! Anything can happen in this city...within 20 minutes of being in Amsterdam, a homeless man started making these perverted grunts at me on the train and getting in my face. Jason (my knight in shining armor) jumped in and told the guy to back off. The guy then proceeds to threaten Jason's life and call him a "Mudder Fucka" We must have angels watching out for us because the sweetest Dutch woman jumped in and probably saved us from something really bad happening. She pushed the guy and told him to back off as the train stopped, and pushed him in the opposite direction of us while we made our way off the train with our 500 pound luggage. Phew!
So our hotel is within minutes of the train stop, so we walked with our 500 pound luggage to the hotel. It is like 40 degrees here, but Im trucking along, thinking that this weather is totally fine (hah!) and as we are walking to our hotel, a loud ambulance/cop car comes screaming by. What Jason and I didnt realize was that it rained here a couple hours before and there were massive puddles on the side of the road. SPLASH! We were drenched. I thought this only happened in movies? Welcome to Amsterdam!
Our hotel staff is around our age and they are so sweet. There is something about the Dutch that is so endearing. Our room is killer, the view is of Dam Square and the decor is very elegant! Our shower is also a sauna, neat!
In the evening, we headed out for some dinner, took a walk around the Red Light District and a tour of the Marijuana and Hemp museum. The museum is kind of cheesy, but there are still some very interesting things. I enjoyed looking at the ways people "smuggle" marijuana. A dildo, shoe, name it, it has been done!
The Red Light District is everything I expected. The girls stand there, fixing their hair and posing in the windows, winking at every person that walks by. It shocked me to see that a lot of them were my age...I feel bad for them. They all seem to be on drugs much harder than Marijuana. (We were offered some Ecstasy by some guy standing on the side of the road) It's amazing to think that this is in fact, the worlds oldest profession (Prostitution)
After we left this side of town, we ended up at Kandinsky, a Coffeeshop. We ordered some bubblegum mary jane and sat down. Jason tried rolling a perfect joint, but decided to have the guy who worked there show him how Amsterdammers do it. The smoke felt clean and smooth...I took one too many hits and ended up talking endlessly about....NOTHING. It was so fun! We ended the night with a couple of stroopwaffles, and here we are, Monday morning in Amsterdam. Lets see what the day has to offer!

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