Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fabric Vase

So, I couldn't keep up with my Amsterdam journal because so many wonderful and crazy things kept on occuring, so to sum it all was the best trip of my life, and yes...even better than Paris! The difference?Amsterdam was so free. No one judged you or anything. The homeless were treated with respect, the women didnt size you up, flea markets were just as popular among the wealthy, there were more bikes than cars, if you stepped in front of someone they didnt mumble under their breath, the locals treated you like a local. Dont get me wrong, Paris was a wonderful place, but you have to be a seasoned traveler to fit in and not feel intimidated. In Amsterdam, no one cares who or what you are, you are treated with respect and love. If you trip over yourself, the dutch will lend you their hand and help you up, in Paris you would will be stared down like a clumsy American tourist, hah! I guess that is my best analogy.
So during one of the romantic walks through the city, I came across a quaint store selling fabric flower vases. I fell in love! I am going to design a few and start working on them. They are perfect for the smaller flowers from my garden. If you want me to make you one, let me know!

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