Friday, March 6, 2009

Packing up!

I've been packing for the last week. I guess you could call it preparing because packing in my world is laundry, ironing, house preps, destination reading, gathering necessities and then finally...putting them all in a suitcase! A couple years ago I received a whole luggage set for Christmas, it was hot pink! Of course, my duffle bag broke in LA, my small suit case just doesnt cut it size wise, and what do you know...I lost my full size suit case. How does one manage to lose something so HUGE? Anyway,with 10 minutes before closing time at Marshalls tonight, I managed to find the most amazing Liz Claiborne 28" Suitcase, with pink interior and a metallic navy exterior. Originally, $460...on clearance for $80. WOW! I'm happy with it and just wanted to share. 
I will try to post one more blog before I leave. Our flight takes off at 1PM tomorrow and its spring break...the airport will be packed so we  need to leave here at 10AM. Oy vey!

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