Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Amsterdam day 3

Today, Jason and I awoke to a rainy morning here in Amsterdam. It was 7AM and Jason already had his whole outfit on and was ready to go. I couldn't pull myself out of bed. The morning haze was coming through the sheer white curtains and a view of De B'jenkorf (An upscale department store in front of our hotel). The sound of light rain and the tram driving by was so soothing. I sat under my down comforter, with the windows open and read my Rick Steve's Amsterdam Tour Guide Book.  This is how all mornings should be done!
After showering and some of my own housekeeping, Jason returned and we headed off to Barney's, an amazing coffeeshop (For those of you who dont understand yet, a coffeeshop is really a pot spot, hah) and we ate some breakfast and smoked some Blue Cheese (Ok, Im not a pot head, I just feel like it's natural and why the heck not? This is life!) It was so much fun and those hashbrowns were killer!
Like I said before, it was a very cold and wet day, so after Barney's we did a little more city exploring and headed back to the hotel. I layed down for a long nap, after I got up, Jason decided he wanted a nap and here I am...spending the night in the hotel enjoying the saxaphone player outside my window and chit chatting with Chelsea and listening to Jason snore. Jet lag has taken 3 days to fully get over, oy!

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