Monday, March 9, 2009

Amsterdam day 2

This morning, we slept in to about 8AM Amsterdam time. I woke up seeing double and my head was spinning. Jason thinks it was the lack of sleep, but I swear that mary jane was still tickling my brain! I took two "Panadol" which is the Dutch equivalent to Ibuprofen. While I was showering, Jason went down to McDonalds and got me an bacon egg mcmuffin, when I travel, I become a vegetarian because I freak out eating foreign meats (lunch meat is fine though) so I took everything off and left the mcmuffin and cheese. YUM! After, we dressed as warm as we thought we should, and headed off to the Rijksmuseum. We assumed the walk wouldnt be to bad, but when it is 30 Degrees and the wind is whipping you in the face, the walk feels like an entire day and a half. We finally got there and I felt the way I did when entering Disneyland as a little girl. I finally get to see Vermeer and Rembrandt up close! Unfortunately, security is very strict at this museum so we were firmly told to not even think about using our camera. DRATS! Oh well...I respect that the museum wants to preserve the art work as best as possible. I got to see one of my favorites, Vermeer's "The milkmaid" I got to stand in front of it and just looking at the brush strokes made me feel like Vermeer was right in front of me, his work is STUNNING. I love Rembrandt as well, and seeing his signature on the paintings was so surreal. RAH!
Afterwards, we stepped in to a small pub and ate some good food and headed back to the hotel. Jet lag started kicking me in the butt again, so I took a long nap while Jason visited a couple more coffeeshops ;) After I woke up, it was about 7PM and I threw on even more layers of clothing and we headed off to do some romantic city walks. Walking past candle lit windows was a sight I will never forget. It was so beautiful! Everything we saw tonight was so quaint. We decided to just see where the roads would lead us, and ended up strolling countless canals. Ugh, by far one of the most romantic scenes I have ever seen. This is one of those moments that will forever be embedded in my heart.
Good Night!

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